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Hotel & Resort Injuries

Injury Attorneys in Atlanta Helping Victims Hurt in Hotel and Resort Accidents

If you are on vacation, the hotel or resort that you check into is often meant to be your home away from home. If you are traveling for business you likely want to settle in and conduct your business. Hotels and resorts can be very different, but all are looking to cater to the special needs of their guests. Some of the amenities can include an interactive reception area, a spa, pool, beach, fitness center, recreation activities, restaurants and bars, a business center, conference center, and transportation. Unfortunately, despite regular inspections, laws, and staff supervision, accidents do happen, and injuries can occur as result. If you suffered an injury in a hotel or resort, we can help. The attorneys at Slappey & Sadd can fight for the compensation you need and deserve as a result of your hotel or resort injury.

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Common Types of Hotel and Resort Injuries

Below are some of the more common types of injuries that occur at hotels or resorts. You should be aware of these types of injuries and associated risks. If possible, try to avoid any dangerous conditions or situations.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are the most common hotel and resort injuries. When you check into your hotel or resort, it is reasonable to expect that the surfaces you walk on will be safe. Many hazards can cause serious slip and fall accident, some of which could be the result of negligence on the part of the hotel or spa management or staff. Some of the more common include the following;

  • Cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Stairs without handrails
  • Liquid s
  • pills that are not cleaned up in
  • a reasonable amount of time or marked
  • Torn carpet
  • Debris in walkways

Injuries from slip and fall cases can range from mild to life-threatening. Sprains and bone fractures are common in these types of situations. More severe injuries can be due to hitting your head, back, or neck.

Pool or Beach Incidents

Swimming pools, the spa, the beach, and other water features can often be the main attraction for a hotel or resort. However, these water features are exceedingly dangerous. They require constant maintenance and due diligence. Even in the best of circumstances, you could easily slip or fall. Maybe the surface was improperly designed or not appropriately maintained. When the perimeter area is too smooth, a guest can easily fall.

Bed Bugs

We all hear stories but never believe it will happen to us. You may rationalize, I spend $X per night on a hotel room to ensure a higher standard of care and quality stay. The reality is that bed bugs can occur almost anywhere at any time. Bed bugs are small parasites that reside in soft furniture like mattresses or couches. Typically, they only come out at night. They are oval-shaped and feed on blood, turning them a reddish-brown color. If you are bitten by a bedbug, you can develop small blisters on your skin. You may also carry them home in your suitcase and clothes. If they get into your house, it can be very costly to eradicate.

Food Poisoning

Montezuma's revenge is not really just a saying or an urban legend. Many hotels and resorts have restaurants and bars that serve food. If the establishment does not properly follow health regulations, you can get sick. Some things to be aware of are unrefrigerated food, undercooked meat, unsanitary conditions, or improperly cleaned utensils.


Most of us use water when we stay overnight at a property. We expect a hot shower and good water pressure. However, there are instances where you can be burned by hot water. If the hotel's hot water thermostat is set too high, or the water temperature is not properly regulated, you can easily be burned. Burns from scalding water can require extensive medical care, pain, and can lead to permanent damage, including scarring. Other hazards that can cause serious burn injuries include defective kitchen equipment, defective electronics, or malfunctioning pool or spa amenities.

Assault, Burglary, and Other Crimes

You have checked into your hotel or resort and officially declared yourself on vacation. Sometimes when we are in relaxation mode, we let our guard down. We are out of our regular routine and find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Unfortunately, tourists often become easy targets for assault, burglary, and other crimes. Your hotel or resort has a duty to provide a certain level of comfort and security. Failure to do so can lead to injuries and emotional trauma.

Asserting a Claim Against a Hotel or Resort Duty of Care Required

Any hotel or resort owes all its guests what is called a duty of care. This means that the hotel or resort must exercise reasonable care in operating and maintaining the premises and protecting all its guests. This duty further means that the hotel should regularly make sure the property is in a safe condition. This may mean it has to regularly inspect the premises, make necessary repairs, and take action when needed. For example, if a server in a restaurant accidentally breaks a plate on the ground, the hotel must respond quickly to make sure all patrons are safe, flow traffic around the broken glass, and work to make the area safe as quickly as possible. This duty also extends to the hiring of hotel or resort staff.

Understanding Negligence

If you believe you have been injured as a result of a condition at your hotel or resort or due to the action, or inaction, of a hotel or hotel employee, they can be held responsible. Generally speaking, you will have to prove that the hotel was negligent. To show negligence, you typically must establish the following elements:

  • Someone owed you a duty of care
  • Some action or inaction caused a breach of that duty of care
  • That breach is the direct result or cause of your injury
  • You suffered actual harm as a result of the breach
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