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Serious Injury Attorneys, Wrongful Death & Insurance Law

Scott Slappey and Jay Sadd are experienced attorneys and partners in a law firm that marshals the skills, knowledge, experience, and highly regarded reputation to protect the interests of individuals and families in the event of serious personal injury or wrongful death due to negligence Atlanta and throughout all of Georgia. Through aggressive litigation, well-positioned negotiations and trial we:

  • Protect people from abuses of the insurance industry
  • Hold accountable those who cause serious injury to or death of others
  • Challenge corporate and individual wrongdoing
  • Increase access to the courts and equal justice for all
  • Ensure that our clients’ legal rights are fully exercised and protected
Atlanta Injury Attorneys

Our law firm represents individuals and families in cases involving serious personal injury, wrongful death, negligent operation of cars and tractor trailers, property owner liability, work-related injuries, and other cases that require a high level of legal representation in Atlanta and throughout all of Georgia. We thoughtfully prepare our cases for trial. Because we are ready to go to trial, we often favorably settle cases before they are decided by a jury. We are on the side of people who have suffered an injustice. When lives have been ruined or lost because of negligence or unfair advantage, we take the appropriate legal steps to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients. If a case requires trial, we are ready and proud of our results.