Airplane Accident

More often than not, the justice system holds responsible those entities that have caused death or injuries to those involved in a plane crash or other airplane-related accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in aircraft accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Personal injury lawyer Jay Sadd will review your claim and discuss your legal rights with you. There is no charge or obligation for this free evaluation.

Who May be Responsible for Airline Carrier Crash or Accident Resulting in Injury or Wrongful Death

Airline carriers are not the only entities that may be held responsible for a plane crash or airplane accident. In fact, many airplane crash cases involve plane manufacturers as well as subcontractors.

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Aviation Law on Small Plane Crashes Caused by Airliners, Air Traffic Controllers, Aircraft Manufacturer, Suppliers or the FAA

The majority of aviation accidents in the United States involve small, privately-owned airplanes. There are many circumstances that can cause an aircraft to crash. Most crashes can be attributed to pilot error or mechanical error. However, they can also be caused by errors committed by airlines, air traffic controllers, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft suppliers or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Finding the cause of an airplane crash can be an extremely difficult task, as reconstructing what led to the crash is usually a long process. Aviation law requires a number of different procedures that must be followed. Airplane accident attorneys, with the help of aviation experts and the FAA, can sort through the evidence and the facts of an aircraft accident to determine the potential cause or causes. The persons or entities that are found to be responsible can then be held liable to the families of the victims.